Blueberry Music Festival (Berjadagar) 30th of July – 2nd of August 2021

A classical Music Festival held in July/August every year for four days period, from Friday to Monday, in Ólafsfjörður, Fjallabyggð, about 60 km north from Akureyri. Black blueberries, called “aðalbláber”, grow in the beautiful valleys surrounding Ólafsfjörður. These berries are the inspiration for the name of the festival, which translates as the Blueberry-Music-Festival. The Blueberry- Music-Festival allows mainly Icelandic artists to perform evening concerts in the church as well as in the Cultural House Tjarnarborg which both are accoustically amazing venues.


Tickets available via and at the entrance

Ticket Prices: 2.000 ISK / 3.000 kr / 3.500 kr.
Festival Pass: 10:500 kr -> Click HERE for tickets!
Children 18 years and under free of charge